Certified Mold Remediation Services:

Upon contracting with X Out Environmental Services for remediation services we will complete the remediation to the affected areas without contaminating the rest of the property.
Steps of a typical remediation will include the following as needed:

1) Complete the remediation using professional and trained employees.

2) Set up a containment barrier or clean room as needed.

3) Use the latest technology and equipment available in order to remediate your property in the safest manor.

4) All of our employees will have full containment personal protective gear as required depending on the level of remediation or abatement needed.

5) Remove all debris from the job site and interior of the property. We have our own disposal containers and dumpsters which allows us to operate in a quick and efficient manor and not rely on third parties as many other mold companies will do.

6) Set up monitoring equipment and machines that will allow for the air to be “scrubbed clean” of all mold particles.

7) Industrial sized dehumidifiers that will trap air moisture at levels up to five times that of normal dehumidifiers; this allows us to complete the remediation process in a fast and efficient manor.

8) Apply and use products that are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in mold remediation and containment.

9) Provide decontamination services for your personal property that is salvageable.

10) Provide post remediation clearance tests completed by a third party lab to ensure a safe remediation was completed.


We also provide services to remediate water intrusion issues and reconstruction of damaged areas in conjunction with our sister company PPS Inc. which is a full service preservation/construction company, these include:

         •   Roof repairs and replacement
         •   Exterior French drain systems
         •   Grading services to divert water
         •   Foundation water proofing
         •   Sump pump installation
         •   Gutter cleaning and replacement
         •   Plumbing repairs











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