This first step in mold remediation and indoor air quality is testing and knowing what is in the air. This is done through several methods including: air samples, material swabs, bulk samples and moisture meters.

Air samples are taken in 2 different ways:

Type 1: Non-cultured or non-viable, we take an air quality sample using a machine that forces air through a sterile filter. We then send this filter to a lab and the lab sends back a report on what is in the air including the different mold types, particles and the amount in the sample. This helps us identify what is in the air and what action needs to be taken to correct the issues. The minimum number of air samples required is two. We need to take one of the outside air which is our base line sample and at least one (most often several) from different locations inside. X Out Environmental Services then analyzes the lab report and provides a report for the client on how to remediate the issue and the mycotoxins that are in their property.

Type 2: Cultured or viable sample, this sample is gathered the same way but using a different sterile filter which allows the lab to “culture” the sample. (By culturing the sample, we mean the lab grows the mold on the filter to see if it is alive and is in an active growth state.)

During any inspection we will evaluate the property to answer several questions:

1. Is there a problem? Are there Mycotoxins (mold)?

2. Is moisture coming into the home?

3. Where is moisture entering the property?

          •  Roof leak
          •  Plumbing breaks
          •  Appliances
          •  Through the foundation
          •  Etc…

4. What is the best way to stop the moisture from coming into the house?

5. What is the best way to eliminate the moisture that is in the house?

6. What is the long term solution to keep air safe?

          •  Fix the water intrusion issue.
          •  A remediation plan is made up as needed.
          •  Final air quality inspection once remediation has been completed.
          •  This is done by a third party lab







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